Booking your florist. What to expect and How does it work?

As 2018 bookings start coming in, I wanted to give some advice and insight on my booking process!

First I want to clarify that there are different types of florists, the main two are  Retail Florists and Event Florists. If you are looking for a Holiday Centerpiece, or an arrangement to have sent out, then I'm probably not your girl. You would want to order from a retail florist who has flowers in store at all times. Event florists plan and order flowers specifically for their bookings.

Now that we cleared that up..

Florist tend to book about 8-9 months in advance.  However, flowers are usually near the bottom of a couple's TO DO list. It is usually one of the last vendors to get booked, and there is a bit of sticker shock when clients realize the cost of wedding flowers. 

Set aside a reasonable budget and do some homework. I suggest getting up to three quotes.  You can definitely get more, but keep in mind the more quotes you get, the harder it will be to make a final decision. This step will also help you build that budget. I can't stress enough how important it is to choose a florist based on how they design and not strictly on price. Yes, cost does play a big role and although any good florist can execute any style, you want someone who you can trust to achieve the look you are after. Florists are artist, and all design in a different way. View their website, search their social media, they will show you what they can do and that will help you decide on a good fit. 

Soo let's just say you chose now? 

To build that quote/proposal, I would need to know a few things first!

  • Do you have a theme or colour scheme?
  • How many are in your bridal party?
  • Do you need ceremony or altar decor like centerpieces, garlands or an arch?
  • Any specific flowers you want used? Perhaps a favourite flower?
  • Do you have photos you have saved or a Pinterest page I can view?

This information allows me to build a more accurate quote and gives us a starting point. Once I send the quote is when clients usually decide if I am within their budget and want to move forward with a consultation.

During the consultation, we chat about your vision for your wedding. Going over seasonal flower and greenery options, and also viewing pictures to make sure we are on the same page. We also chat about additional decor if required. Feel free to ask any questions you may have for me at this time.

From all the information I gather from our meeting, I write up a formal invoice that summarizes everything we discussed. At this point the client will have a chance to look it over. A 50% deposit can be made to reserve the date from this point on. Dates cannot be reserved until an initial payment is received. Keep in mind as a small business I book only 1-2 weddings per weekend. This allows me to focus on my client and maintain quality of service.

I make sure to stay in touch with my clients leading to the BIG Day. I follow up approximately a month before the wedding and check in if there are no more additions or changes. That being said, I tell my clients to keep in touch and never hesitate to contact me with any floral questions. I also confirm any last minute wedding details like delivery and pick up times. Once we finalize the order, I will have all the information I need to proceed with ordering my product. made it to the may seem like a long process but I assure you, you are in good hands. This is why trust is so important in choosing your vendors. 

You can relax and leave the rest to me to create beautiful florals for your special day!