DIY Flat Lay Backdrop

This project was inspired by Heather Page’s blog tutorial! She’s an incredibly talented florist from Winnipeg who I super admire!! I have been following her Insta: @heather_page since day one and she is nothing short of amazing! I will attach her link to the blog post!

So here’s my attempt at it! It was quite simple. I purchased an 18”x24” white canvas from Michael’s that came in a set of two and since I think it was a special Mother’s Day packaging, it even came with some paint but I still grabbed an 8oz white acrylic paint and a wide paint brush. I also purchased a small tub of spackling medium called Dyrdex and a plastic putty knife from Home Depot.

This project cost me about $17…For a couple reasons…Home Depot was offering a 10% off when using the Home Depot credit card for my purchase. Also we all know about Michael’s coupons and the one I used was 55% OFF! Yaaaass!!!! Pro Tip: Bring your Hubby..He'll never want anything and you can make him buy you another item ;)

I started by just smearing the spackling all over the canvas just to give the whole surface a quick cover, I then added more and moved it around with the putty knife to add texture! I didn’t layer it on too thick, I’m afraid it will crack in the long run, but I did do the two layers so it wouldn’t chip off either. Don’t forget to work over some newspaper or a drop cloth; it can get messy when bits of the plaster flake off. The type of spackling I bought starts pink and turns white when it's fully dried!

It says on the packaging it will be ok to paint within 1-5 hours. Heather’s tutorial said to wait 24 hours, so drying time may vary due to the plaster you use! I’m sure I could have waited 24 hours but I went out for dinner, came back and about 6hrs dry time. I'm also super impatient and was too excited and just had to finish it up!

I quickly dusted the plastered canvas with my paint brush to remove the bits that would fall off anyway. I then mixed my paint, I was going for I mixed a bit of the free red acrylic paint that came with the canvases and approx 1/4 of the white paint I purchased. I brushed on two coats, letting it dry in between.

And just like that…TADA!!! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and will definitely be using it with some flat lays! You should give it a try!


Aging Galvanized Metal DIY

So.. you might be wondering why I'm writing about aging galvanized metal...well I was in search of some tin pails for centrepieces and I came across a few at Dollarama! As much as I love using fancy containers sometimes the most budget friendly ones are the best, and this way I can spend the money on the flowers!

The only down side was they were shiny, and really didn't fit the look I was after. After looking through google for a good half hour about how to age the metal or dull it down a bit I ended up using one of the methods I found. I was torn between using vinegar or Lysol, but I figured I wasn't about to waste a container full of vinegar on this project.

I went with good old Lysol toilet bowl cleaner!!! I put some gloves on and rubbed it on the tin. The cleaner bubbled up a bit and I left it for only a couple of minutes, washed it off and VOILA!!! From shiny metal to a dull aged look! The longer you leave the Lysol, the more it becomes rusted looking..but I didn't want to go too rusty. It was just enough to rub the shiny coat off.

I'm now ready for my August bride...yup thats right..

Notice the left side is shiny with my reflection. the right is duller with some browning at the top edge of the tin

Notice the left side is shiny with my reflection. the right is duller with some browning at the top edge of the tin